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24 Mar

As of 2:02 pm today, I am officially 17 years old! That’s 3 years away from 20! And 4 years from 21! I’m getting old. :/ Having a birthday so close to Spring Break means that my present is usually, well, a vacation. But I’m not complaining. I also received this little cutie pie.

And this.

Yummy. I’m off to celebrate some more. Or at least, as much as one can celebrate on a Wednesday with no car. 😀


23 Mar

That’s me at debate club. Most issues discussed at the meetings can be summed up in five words:

I Don’t Give A Cr@p.

But get me started on some topics, (cough cough abortion), and I’ll argue into oblivion. I’m anti-baby killing. Google “abortion” and click “images”. I dare you. Okay, now I’m arguing. Moving on.

Countdown to Grand Cayman—– 3 days

I’ll get to enjoy this.

And this.

And let’s not forget this.

That’ll be me. In case you haven’t noticed, the little person with brown poofy hair in these pictures IS supposed to be me.

I also make some pretty deep social commentaries.

No workout today. I had to make a zillion brownies for school tomorrow. Yes, at my high school you are expected to bring treats on your birthday. I committed a sin and used Pillsbury Funfetti Brownie Mix. I should be saying “homemade brownies are just as quick”, but who am I kidding- unless you’re Martha Stewart, it’s much faster to use a mix.


22 Mar

Yep, this is the extent of my artistic ability. Inspired by Natalie Dee, but not nearly as funny.

Anyhoo, today’s eats included the following…

[ Chobani vanilla yogurt ]


[ Chocolate ]

[ Almonds ]

And more stuff… but I’m not in the mood to find more pictures. 😛


I swam 60 laps today! I wanted to swim 100, but once 45 minutes had passed I realized that just wasn’t going to happen. Oh well- it’s a start!


20 Mar

I try to be fashionable.

And I’ll admit- I like to look good while I’m working out. No loose, baggy clothes, no sweatpants, and matching shirts/shorts. It just makes me feel better and like people won’t be looking at me for dressing strangely, especially when I’m doing the adductor.

Say it with me now: awkward. Anyway, I get most of my stuff in heaven, aka Target.

Their clothing is cheap, cute, and just as good as more expensive brands. Let’s start with the base layer, shall we?


These are great! They come in a huge variety of sizes; so anyone can fit into them. Including this little dotty number. The best part is that they don’t have a super-thick elastic band, which usually suffocates me!

Next comes the top. I like these because they’re basic, tight-fitting, and come in plenty of colors and prints. Target releases new ones every few weeks, but they all fit the same way, so you don’t need to try one on every time you want to buy one. Some varieties have shelf bras inside, and some don’t, so you can decide what you’re more comfortable with. Or be like me and pick the prettiest colors, then cut off the shelf bras with scissors. I won’t judge.

These shorts are nice, too. Also- many color options. 😀

Yay! Speaking of exercise, today’s workout consisted of…

  • 30 mins. Elliptical- Level 8
  • 34 Laps Swimming

I meant to do 30 laps, but ended up doing 34. Oh well, the more the merrier!

Looking Forward

19 Mar

Today was fairly uneventful, but now I’m looking forward. And I have a lot to look forward to. J

2 Days: “Officially” a member of the new fitness center!

I’m really excited- this new gym has a pool, TONS of elliptical, a spinning studio with black lights, an indoor/outdoor track, and TWO whirlpools! And all that other regular stuff that I “should” use… weight machines, free weights, etc. I’m most looking forward to the pool- there’s nothing better than a cool refreshing swim after a tough workout! I just need a one-piece bathing suit… you like?

I know that one isn’t a one-piece, but it’s from Speedo so it shouldn’t come undone… right? J

6 Days: My Birthday!

I’ll be 17 on March 24! Um… yes, I want one of these.

Or one of these.

8 Days: Spring break!

Need I say more? J

About Me

17 Mar

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m Courtney, I’m a runner, and that picture above is of me. Just in case you didn’t figure that out. J
I’m a typical high school junior trying to balance school, exercise, and actually having a social life. I’m fairly smart, but usually don’t act that way. I want to get into a good college and major in neuroscience, exercise kinesiology, physical therapy, or nursing. I think it’s very interesting how our bodies work. I also love to bake; you’ll be seeing plenty of recipes posted here.

My Story:

I never was a sporty kid, preferring ballet to basketball. When I entered high school, I found a love for running. After a great year of cross-country and track, I found out I have a strange nervous-system disorder that causes my heart to beat too fast when I stand up. I sometimes faint, and have even had three seizures in the past year because of it. Since I’ve developed this condition, school sports are just too hard on my body. I’m always exhausted by the time school is over, and don’t want to risk my safety by running off-campus. But I’m not one to give up (ever), so what did I do? I joined a fancy-shmancy fitness center, and am devoted to getting really REALLY in shape. I want strong arms and a six-pack!

Exercise and Such:

I love all types of exercise unless they involve hand-eye coordination, of which I don’t have. Running, biking, swimming, ellipticizing, Pilates- anything goes! As long as it keeps my short attention span, I’m in. As for food, I try to eat healthy, but I have a weakness for anything with peanut butter or chocolate! And if you were wondering, yes, I have had blogs before, but as I’m entering a new stage of my life, I decided it was time to start fresh. Thanks for reading, and check back soon!