23 Mar

That’s me at debate club. Most issues discussed at the meetings can be summed up in five words:

I Don’t Give A Cr@p.

But get me started on some topics, (cough cough abortion), and I’ll argue into oblivion. I’m anti-baby killing. Google “abortion” and click “images”. I dare you. Okay, now I’m arguing. Moving on.

Countdown to Grand Cayman—– 3 days

I’ll get to enjoy this.

And this.

And let’s not forget this.

That’ll be me. In case you haven’t noticed, the little person with brown poofy hair in these pictures IS supposed to be me.

I also make some pretty deep social commentaries.

No workout today. I had to make a zillion brownies for school tomorrow. Yes, at my high school you are expected to bring treats on your birthday. I committed a sin and used Pillsbury Funfetti Brownie Mix. I should be saying “homemade brownies are just as quick”, but who am I kidding- unless you’re Martha Stewart, it’s much faster to use a mix.


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