Grand Cayman 2010!

3 Apr

Grand Cayman is an island in the Caribbean, and is part of the Cayman Islands, which includes three islands. We went there for 1 week, and it was incredible!

There are blue iguanas. They’re not actually blue, you know. But still cool to see- they’re everywhere!

And turtles! There’s a turtle farm that raises sea turtles, and you can pick up the baby ones. This was one of maybe 30 that I held- they were so cute!

And here’s an adult turtle. The adults grow to 2 ½ feet long.

We went to a restaurant at the farm that sold turtle soup. Pretty creepy if you ask me. :/ I got a Haagen-Dazs ice cream cup instead. #1 tip for ordering in sketchy restaurants: packaged food.

We stayed at a resort on the beach. It was absolutely gorgeous!

The beach. 😀 The water was always clear and warm (for ocean water, that is.)

We saw lots of fish! Of course, I didn’t take pictures underwater, so here are some super-good ones. This is a bar jack, affectionately nicknamed “awkward fish” by my sister and me. It does have an awkward look to it, haha. J

A pufferfish! I felt so privileged to see this one- it even puffed out for me! I felt like I was at the Rainforest Café.

Stingrays! If you go to Grand Cayman, I would highly recommend going to Stingray City. It’s a sandbar, which is a patch of shallow water in the middle of the ocean. The water ranges from 3-6 feet, so most everyone can stand up. You need to take a tour boat out there, and the boats have food for the rays. They rub up against you, and you can even hold them! Because they’re so used to people, they don’t sting unless you really REALLY upset them. I’ve been twice and have never seen anyone get stung.

All in all, it was a great trip, but I must confess: I hate air travel. And car travel. And basically any means of traveling that involves getting into something and moving. Running? Walking? Okay with me. I hate the delays, the waiting, and just sitting down for hours! I’m very restless.

But now I must rest some more. We got back home at 1:00 am last night! :O


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