10 Apr

I drink a lot of water.

I mean, a lot.  Let’s see…

6:45- Drink 24 oz. with breakfast

8:00-3:30- Drink ~48 oz. at school

3:45- Drink 16 oz., more if I’m working out

7:00- Drink 32 oz. with dinner

10:00- Drink 12 oz. before bed


And that’s just a minimum.  According to my [faulty] calculations, that’s 132 ounces every day.  That’s just over a gallon.  And a gallon?  Well, that weighs about 8.3 pounds.  That means I gain and lose over 8 pounds throughout the day.  Oh mon dieu.  All that “dehydration” stuff; that’s just not me.

Unfortunately, most of my water comes from bottles like this.  I use one a day and refill it at the water fountain.  Those bottles say “Do Not Refill.”  Uh oh. :/

Whereas it should come from ones like this.  These are Water Bobbles, and I want one more than I want a car.  Okay, maybe not that much.  But still, I think they’re pretty awesome.

I do love to shop.  I like to justify my purchases by the fact that I’ll be babysitting tomorrow night… or next week… or… sometime. :/

Tried this on.  Didn’t fit.

This is cool.  Wish I’d tried it on.

I also love Target.  [Don’t we all?] I just don’t see the point in buying expensive clothing when you’re only going to wear it for a year or two.  These shoes are on my radar.  They’ll go great with my prom dress.

Wonderful.  This was a random post, but I’m tired and felt a need to post to let y’all know I’m still here.  Have a lovely weekend. 🙂


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