How To Swim

16 Apr

I’ve noticed that swimming is becoming a “hot trend” in the blog world, with notable bloggers like Caitlin and Meghann trying it out.  I live in a town where swim clubs outnumber restaurants, so I learned to swim at a young age.  It’s difficult for me to comprehend that some people don’t know how to swim, or worse, are afraid of water!  So I put together this post to give you some beginner swimming tips: I’m not a swim teacher or anything, but hopefully this should help you learn without paying for a lesson!


  • Getting in the water is actually the hardest step– especially when the water is cold!  You can do this gradually, or just hold your breathe and get in, which is easier in my opinion.
  • Don’t freak out in deep water.  Just because the water is deep doesn’t mean you have to touch the bottom.  I’m 5’4”, so any water deeper than 6 feet is all the same for me.  Just relax!
  • Wear the right swimsuit.  If you’re comfortable in it, you’ll be more comfortable in the water.  Make sure it fits and is tied tightly!
  • Count your laps.  Every lap you swim is an accomplishment- count every one you do, and try to do at least one more each session you swim!
  • If in doubt, get out.  If you ever feel short of breathe, weak, or panicky in a pool, get out immediately.

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