College Review!

15 Jun

Yay for college visits- there’s no better way to kick off the summer than driving through farmland for 6 hours to visit a school.  Fortunately, I really liked Washington University.  I’ll definitely apply there.  Here’s my official “review” of the school, for all you juniors out there.  Of course, this review is only based on three hours at the campus- there wasn’t enough time to see everything!


  • In its own little community- not spread out throughout the city
  • AMAZING dorms with Tempur-Pedic beds!  The dorm architecture reminded me of Disneyworld!
  • Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology program… awesome!
  • Great food- they have a food court, little restaurants, and cute coffee shops
  • Friendly people on campus
  • Very walkable
  • Across the street from a gorgeous park with a zoo, skating rink, paths, etc.
  • Inner-tube water polo team?  Sounds good to me!


  • Why can’t it be closer to home?? 😦

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