26 Jun

I sort of love summer.


This is an extremely old picture.  I don’t have braces anymore.  Thank goodness.  See that hill in the background?

Yes.  Yes.  I must do that again this summer.  Sans braces.

Workout 6/7:

30 min elliptical

30 min run


Workout 6/8:

30 min elliptical

Abductor – 40 reps/55 lb

Adductor – 40 reps/55 lb


For breakfast today I had a big bowl of Cheerios Oat Cluster Crunch.  This is the best cereal!  Then I went to the gym, showered, picked my sister up from her summer bible class, and came back home.  Then it was time for…


Yay.  I bet you can sense the enthusiasm behind these words. 

J’aime parler francais mais je n’aime pas travailler.  On peut parler francais, ou aller en France, sans travailler beaucoup.  Je veux y aller maintenant!


Au revoir,



One Response to “Summer!”

  1. CourtandWhit July 9, 2010 at 5:08 pm #

    eww summer HW blows, I have barely started on mine. lol The school laziness, and procrastination have already began

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