School Stuff

22 Jul

I received my schedule in the mail yesterday.  It’s sort of messed up, so I still don’t know the exact order of my classes.  I do know that I’m taking…

1. AP Biology

2. AP Psychology

3. AP Calculus

4. Creative Writing / Eastern Humanities

5. Ceramics I / Ceramics II

6. AP French


Of course, the best part of going back to school is the shopping!  I got a nice head start on it…

Love this.  Too bad I’ve got about a zillion and one tote bags, making a new backpack out of the question.  I need a well-paying career.

Also adorable.  And expensive.  And is big.  And expensive.  Again, a job would be really nice right now.  Stupid recession. =(

I don’t think I’ll be able to forgive myself for not buying these.  I love how they’re so ironically called “gentle reminders”.

Since it’s senior year, I’ve decided to go all out and buy the most freakin’ adorable, childish school supplies I can.  So far I’ve got Hello Kitty, Keroppi, and recycled notebooks that have flowers on the cover.  Seeing as my camera is in hibernation at the moment [translation : MIA ], I don’t have any photos of them.  But I think you can imagine how totally amazing they are.

And it wouldn’t be back-to-school without new clothes!  These all come from Delia’s.

Darling.  This dress could go both ways- casual or formal.

A little black dress with a twist!  Again, you could wear it to almost any occasion.

Too cute!  I know someone who would adore this.

Yes, yes it is.

Trop mignon.

Yep, I sure do. =)


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