School Stuff 2 : American Eagle Outfitters

23 Jul

I’m just like every other teenager in the world.

I love shoes.

Correction: I love these shoes.

I’m so glad sneakers are coming back in style.  As much as I love flats and heels, they’re not too practical while navigating my 4-story high school.  Especially with my narrow, collapsible-arched feet.  I’ve been told my more than one doctor to stop wearing cute shoes altogether.  Heh.

As much as I enjoy shopping, I’m the first to admit that I’m a very picky buyer.  I don’t care about the brand names or the price, but if it’s not comfortable, I’m not buying it.  I hate itchy sweaters, non-stretchy jeans, and pretty much all synthetic fabrics.  Give me 100% cotton and I’m a happy girlie.  Like this cardigan.  I am a bit obsessed with the color.  It would make such a statement with a white sundress or your favorite pair of stretchy jeans.

And this ring.  Oh, this ring.  I actually have one very similar to it that I got as a 16th birthday gift from my parents, and I never ever take it off.  But this ring is just adorable.  It would make a lovely gift for someone you care about.  Or yourself.  Or someone you care about.

This looks cozzzzzy.

Tight shorts make any runner faster.  Or at least look faster.  Along with the above sweatshirt, this would make a great outfit for when you just finished working out and need to run some errands.  No matter how you look after you work out, you don’t really want people to see you.  Just sayin’.




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