Dresses, Kitties, and Yogurt

24 Jul

Hello lovelies =)  Good news: I found my camera!  It was actually in a really obvious place… typical.  Of course, after I found it I felt an urge to take pictures of everything.  Here is my outfit from Friday.  The dress and necklace are from Forever 21, and the necklace belongs to my sister.  I probably should have asked her before wearing it, but seeing as she receives all my old clothes, I think I deserve to wear one necklace every once in a while! 

6-24 002

Here is my bag and new shoes, both from Target.  The shoes gave me blisters the first time I wore them, but that’s what I’ve come to expect from inexpensive sneakers.  No pain, no gain.

6-24 003

Also yesterday my friend and I went to a sidewalk sale.  Basically every store in town sells stuff outside for lower prices.  Some of it was cute, but I didn’t end up buying anything.

Today, I picked up my Debutante dress!  It fits perfectly but needs to be hemmed.  I’m short.

6-24 005

I also bought this Hello Kitty shirt.  Sorry for the bluriness.  Holding a camera and a hanger under your neck isn’t exactly a smart idea :/

6-24 008

And this Hello Kitty notebook.  It’s just so cute!!  I’m the first to admit I have a slight Hello Kitty obsession.

6-24 009

While shopping, my mom and I stopped at YogenFruz for lunch.  Frozen yogurt was much-needed on this hot day!  I like YogenFruz because they blend fruit into your yogurt, allowing you to make your own flavor.  I ordered raspberry yogurt with Oreo crumbles on top.



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