Best Brownie Mix!

30 Jul

I like brownies.

6-30 019

Does anybody not like brownies?

These are Ghirardelli brownies, so of course they were good!  Check out that flaky top.  I would highly recommend this brownie mix when you’re too lazy to make brownies from scratch.  Which, even for me, who loves to back, was today.  There’s something about foods with exotic brand names that just feels special.  Godiva, Haagen Dazs, Petit Ecolier, etc.  They just sound so fancy!

[ source ]


For lunch I enjoyed a delicious salad from a local sandwich/salad place.  It contained romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, chicken, bell peppers, and edamame tossed with ginger soy dressing.  So good!

6-30 020

Tonight I’m going to babysit- hello $$$!  Hopefully the kids will be easy… I’m sort of low on patience today, haha. :) 

❤ C



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