Anxious :/

5 Aug

I’m gonna be totally honest here- I’ve been in no mood to take pictures of food lately.  There’s a lot of bad stuff happening in my life right now, and I’m really anxious.  And when I get anxious, I get sick to my stomach.  Literally.  I have absolutely no appetite. 😦 I do however, have an appetite for shopping.

[ source ]

I adjusted the belt so the rose is on the left side instead of in the middle.  It looks like a giant belly button in this picture. 


I’ve also been editing a bunch of photos.  Clockwise from top right: Devil’s food cupcakes with vanilla buttercream glaze, chocolate tart shell, blueberries for blueberry coffee cake, chocolate chip cookie dough.

Nutritious banana muffins, chocolate nut protein bars, chocolate chip scookies


The recipes for all of these goodies can be found on my Recipes page.

I put a link for it so you wouldn’t have to waste your energy scrolling to the top of this page.



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