Wisconsin Dells Recap

12 Aug

My family and I went to Wisconsin Dells earlier this week.  If you don’t know, the Dells is a rather strange city full of waterparks and fudge shops.  There’s plenty of kitschy motels, as well as ones that look like they should be the setting of an episode of Criminal Minds.  We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge, which is a big resort that has a huge indoor waterpark.

Only in Wisconsin

WI 002

A pretty farm and sky… this looks like a Windows desktop background!  Feel free to use it as yours, I would be honored.

WI 003


WI 005

Outdoor waterslides

WI 006 

WI 007

There was an outlet mall right next to the hotel, so we hit up the stores to find me a new pair of running shoes for cross-country.  Perhaps these?

WI 014

Heh, no.

I did find a good pair, though.  I’ll dedicate an entire post to them in the near future.

We went to some interesting restaurants.  Wisconsin Dells is full of interesting places, but Buffalo Phil’s caught our eye because they advertised “food delivered by train”.  We were more interested in figuring out how they do that than actually eating there, but we accomplished both goals.  The lighting was horribly dim there- so the photos you are about to see may very well…

be bad.  Sorry.


The decor inside this place was a cross between country western and woodlands-y.  The building itself was built to look like a log cabin, and there were tons of animal heads on the walls.  I thought this white buffalo was adorable.  Too bad he had to die like this.

I don’t like taxidermy.

Does anyone?

WI 021

The food actually WAS delivered by toy train, as were the drinks and the bill.  The train would stop at your table.  It was really fun in a strange way.

WI 026

The food is not “healthy” by any means, nor is it gourmet.  I ordered a quarter rotisserie chicken with waffle fries, and even though it was a kid’s portion I couldn’t finish it- portions are huge!  It was good, though.  Vegetarians would have trouble finding something to eat here.


After dinner, we hit up the hotel’s arcade.  I impressed myself by beating the high score on Whack-a-Mole.  The key is to use your hands instead of the hammer.  Just sayin’. 

Oh my gosh, horrible picture of me.

Forget you ever saw it.

WI 027

The waterpark also has a wave pool, which I really liked.  Here’s me after swimming.

I do have hair, you just can’t see my ponytail.

WI 033

All in all, it was a nice vacation.  Not entirely relaxing, but entertaining nonetheless.  You don’t go to the Dells to relax, anyway.


3 Responses to “Wisconsin Dells Recap”

  1. christina August 12, 2010 at 11:34 am #

    hi courtney! thanks for stopping by my blog and the compliment! you are too cute. i’m pretty sure i reocgnize you from commenting on other blogs. nice to meet you!

    • Courtney August 12, 2010 at 2:24 pm #

      aww no problem girl! it’s nice to meet you, too 😀

  2. Matt August 12, 2010 at 2:39 pm #

    That is so cool about the trains! I used to collect model trains when I was younger! This post brings me WAY back 😉

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