19 Aug

It’s been a very productive few days.  I’ve…


Dyed my hair.  My family really didn’t want me to, but I did it anyway and it looks better than ever.  I’ve never liked the boring, brassy brown color of my hair, but now that it’s rich, reddish-brown, I love it!  I don’t have any pictures of the new color yet, but thanks to Picnik I was able to change the hair color of an existing picture.  Yay!


Ran a race.  The first race since my diagnosis, might I add.  It was only 2 miles and I ran horribly slow, but I’m just happy to have finished without fainting or ending up in an ambulance.


Bought books for school.  Why must they be so expensive??  Thankfully I got great deals from my friends whom already had the books I need.  I still had to pay $122 for a calculus textbook, though.  Uff.  I don’t even like math!


Got stuff ready for freshman orientation.  I’m a freshman mentor this year (fancy!), so I have to call my group, make name tags, etc.  My group’s theme is Under The Sea, so I made fish-shaped tags and spelled the names in glitter glue.  Which took a long time.  Some of the kids’ names are really long, but at least I get volunteer hours!


One Response to “Productive”

  1. Weight Loss Foods August 19, 2010 at 1:58 pm #

    Well the hair looks nice, and good luck with your up and coming school year.

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