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Gym People

26 Sep

Hi everyone 🙂

This weekend’s been spent dying my hair darker brown, working out, and eating half my weight in Boy Scout chocolate-covered popcorn.  That stuff is sooooo good and addictive.

During my ellipticizing today, I did some serious people watching.  And I’ve organized the people at the gym into a few universal categories.

Old People:

I give them credit for getting off their couches and going to work out, but must they walk at a snail’s pace on the fancy new treadmill?  Or use the only elliptical with a cable TV to watch soap operas?  Ordinarily I (and others who want to use those machines) glare at the person until they feel intimidated and leave, but with old people, I just don’t have the heart to do that.  Plus I’m scared they’ll yell at me about their problems with “the youth of today.”


That Guy:

You know the one?  He stays in front of the mirror by the weights, lifting dumbbells and admiring his own form.  He expects you to admire it, too.  His “cardio” consists of a 2-minute run on the treadmill, after which he lets out a huge exhale and pretends he isn’t about to faint from exhaustion.


Mrs. So-and-So:

She’s your mom’s best friend’s cousin’s husband’s brother’s girlfriend’s friend.  She saw a picture of you on Facebook 6 months ago and acts like she knows everything about you.  She wants to have an in-depth conversation, but you just want to work out.  Because you’re at the gym.  And that’s what you came to do.


The One Who Keeps Staring At You:

You have no idea who they are.  But every few minutes, they turn around and stare at you with a quizzical look.  Maybe your shorts are riding up or you look like their daughter/son or you’re using a weight machine completely wrong.  Chances are it’s none of the above, maybe, as Paulie Bleeker puts it, “That’s just how their face looks.”

The reason I’m not showing you “the face” I’m referencing is because I want you to see the movie, Juno.  It’s on Oxygen all the time, and you can probably illegally download it online somewhere.  But that’s not a good idea. :O


Mr. Cool

He struts in wearing elastic-ankle sweatpants and a college sweatshirt from a school he didn’t go to.  He waves to all the trainers, who smile and wave back because they’re paid to do so.  He talks loudly about “the game” to one of them, who nods because again, he’s paid to do so.  Mr. Cool then lifts weights for about 10 minutes, talks about another “game” to another uninterested trainer, and leaves.


The Marathon People:

Only use treadmills when it’s raining.  They use other machines for cross-training.  You can tell who they are because they’re actually in shape and seem like pretty cool people.  They were tech shirts, race shirts, or “Run Forrest Run” shirts with old running shoes.  I want to be one.  And I will someday.

I’m so sick of…

23 Sep

That’s the topic of my post today- stuff I’m really sick of.  I put it in list format so you can skim it… because skimming is one of the things I, and many people for that matter, are never sick of doing.

1. People asking me where I’m applying to college, then asking why I’m only applying to one.

Person (usually mom’s friend’s brother’s wife’s cousin or someone like that whom I don’t really know): Courtney, where are you applying to school?

Me: I’m applying to *Name of school*.

Person: Only one?  But what if you don’t get in?

Me: %#$%%^&$!!!!! (Now I launch into monologue about the entire early decision process).

Basically, when you want a college to know they’re your all-time absolute most favorite school ever, you apply early decision.  If you get accepted, you’re bound to that school, meaning you won’t apply anywhere else.  For selective or small schools, you have a higher chance of getting accepted if you apply early.

It’s not so much the long-winded explanation that bothers me, but peoples’ sheer reaction when I tell them I’m applying early decision.  I can’t quite describe it, but I’d equate it to the look you’d get if you had just done something really stupid.  The other person is shocked and somewhat scared.  Who knows why, I don’t see myself as a scary person… but then again, who knows.


2. People who smoke.

I’ll just say it: if you smoke cigarettes in public, where there are babies and children and people with asthma and puppies roaming about, I automatically don’t like you.  Sorry.  Today, while making the pilgrimage back to my car from school (it’s 1/2 mile away), three guys walking ahead of me were smoking.  And the wind blew the smoke into my face.  I’m one of those people who coughs loudly as I walk by smokers at the mall entrance for dramatic effect, but in this situation, I was actually coughing.  Seriously, I’m not going to tell you what to do, but if you’re going to smoke, do it in private.  Us non-smokers don’t really like the smell of carcinogens.


3. Foundation

No, not the kind underneath your house.  I’m talking about the kind on top of your face.  To everyone who wears foundation: I know you’re wearing it.  Everyone else does, too.  Especially when your face is darker than the rest of your body or there is a distinct line on color encircling your cheekbones.  It doesn’t look good.  Wash your face and you won’t need it.  Use some tinted moisturizer if you want.  And if you absolutely must wear foundation, (a) get the right color and (b) learn how to use it.


There will be additions to this list in the near future, but I’m a bit sick of typing. 🙂

College and VitaminWater

19 Sep

Hi everyone 🙂

Sorry it’s been such a long time since I’ve written a proper post, but I’ve been drowning in college stuff as of late.  Someone please throw me a life preserver.

Or an acceptance letter.  Preferably the latter.


You know that feeling where everyone around you has a cold/allergies/flu, and you just *know* you’re going to get sick too?  Yea, that’s been me this past week.  Being on drugs with immunosuppressant side effects doesn’t help my cause.  I just hope I don’t get a sinus infection.  The last time I got one, the doctor told me if I got one more, I’ll officially have chronic sinusitis.  Yay?  That’s a goal I’ll try not to achieve. 


A symptom of my unidentifiable illness (besides headaches, sore throats, and chills in an unpredictable rotation) is that my appetite is gone.  The only things I want to eat are bread and Crispix cereal.  Today I’ve had an asiago bagel, a little bit of peanut butter on a spoon for protein, some banana bread, peanut-butter-filled pretzel nuggets, Crispix, a tiny nibble of salmon, and bread.  Nutritous… probably not, but not super unhealthy either.  I just want to get better! 

I’ve also been drinking water, mineral water, and orange Vitaminwater Zero by the gallon.  That stuff is addictive, I tell you.

Glaceau Vitamin Water Nutrient Enhanced Water Beverage ZERO, Rise Orange, 20 oz (Pack of 24)

Wish me luck!

Days until November 1st (application deadline) : 43


16 Sep

I don’t like homework.



Sure, as a senior, I may not have very much of it.



But that doesn’t mean I like it.

Add that to college application stuff, extracurricular stuff, and maintaining my sanity stuff, and I’m exhausted.


But I did do something fun this week.


I got my ears pierced.

They hurt, actually.  But I can handle the pain- I’m super strong, heh.


In honor of my ear pierced-ness, I’m going to be selling some earrings in my OpenSky shop.  So buy them, cuz they’re cute and even if I can get into college, I need $ for it!

Buy Now

Buy Now

Cookii Dough

12 Sep

Want more recipes?
Yes you do.

Visit my new site, cookii dough!

Fruity Cuties

5 Sep

This is going to be a long post because (a) I have time to write it and (b) my page view # has dropped exponentially and I don’t like seeing that big negative slope.  Can you see I’ve started math class again?

Anyway, some of you probably care about the fancy shmancy stuff I’ve been eating as of late.  Here you go…

Various cereals


Plenty of peanut butter… I’ve been loving this kind.

Plus it was on sale at Target.


These bars.  They seriously taste like a glob of cookie dough.  ‘Nuff said.  More sugar than I would like… but if you’re craving cookie dough (as I often do) these are a better option than making a batch and eating it by the spoonful.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Raspberries.  They’re finally in season.  Yes.

Raspberry, Coconut, Starfruit, Mango

I also happen to love Fruity Cuties.


Onto the next story… yesterday I was helping out at a cross-country meet because… yeah, XC + POTS just isn’t working out.  I’m still going to help time at all the meets though because they’re fun.  One of the girls timing with me asked why I wasn’t running, so I told her.  Her response? Me too!  Her doctors think she has POTS, too.  How weird is that?  I’ve never met anyone else with it before, so it was cool to figure this out.  Her symptoms sounded eerily similar to mine, but she hasn’t received an official diagnosis yet.  I told her to drink a lot of water.  She sighed and said “Yea… I know.”  🙂



(I’m instating this to make sure I finish it.  If I’m not done before October 1st, please pester me with annoying comments.  I won’t be offended.  Thank you.)

Transcript – requested

Information – done!

Essay – drafted

Supplement – not started

Teacher rec – I know who’s writing it

Banana Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies

4 Sep

Isn’t that a mouthful to say?  As strange as these may sound, I assure you they’re SO GOOD.  And good-for-you too, as brownies go.  Each brownie has approximately 1/16 of a banana, which is 1/8 of a fruit serving!  More than you would have gotten from a regular brownie.  So there.  Anyway, let’s make some.

This is a terrible representation of the brownies’ appearance.

I’m too lazy to go take another picture.

If you make the brownies, you’ll get to see what they REALLY look like!

9.4 041 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Take a large bowl, and put 1/3 cup peanut butter in it.  Melt in the microwave for 30 seconds, or until it’s smooth and viscous.

Add 1 medium ripe banana, and smash it into the peanut butter with a spoon.

 9.4 034

Throw in 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips.  I broke out the good stuff.

Pop it in the microwave for 20 more seconds, just to melt the chocolate a bit.  Stir everything together.

9.4 036

Add 2 tablespoons Greek yogurt.  I have a thing for Greek yogurt in brownies.  Don’t know why.  Throw in 1 egg white, too.

9.4 037

Now sprinkle in 1/4 cup granulated sugar, 1/4 teaspoon each vanilla extract and salt, and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda.

9.4 038

Note: I know this isn’t how you usually make brownies.

I don’t care.  This is my recipe and you will make it my way.

Thank you 🙂


Another Note: This is not vanilla.

This is vanilla.

I love this photo.  I took it and edited it to death.

Thank you 🙂


Add 1 cup of flour and 2 tablespoons dark chocolate cocoa powder.  Stir it all up and pour the batter into a foil-lined, sprayed 8×8-inch square pan.

9.4 039

The batter will be thick- don’t be alarmed!  Spread it out using an offset spatula.


Bake for 20-25 minutes.  As you can see, I forgot to take a picture of the batter in the pan, so I took one of the batter in the pan in the oven.  Lovely.

9.4 040

Store the cooled brownies in a plastic container so they stay moist.  Enjoy!

School Stuff 3

2 Sep

Continuing with the shopping series, I’m now showing off highlights from Forever 21.  Forever 21 is my all-time favorite store because everything is super cute and inexpensive.  Like this necklace.  How much do you think it is- $40?  $30?  How about $8.50??

Same with this dress.  It’s only $32.80, but it looks like it costs so much more!

J’adore Paris.  Oh mon dieu, ce T-shirt est trop mignon.

Hello Kitty!!!  I do love thee.