Nearly Halloween

26 Oct

Happy Tuesday!  It will probably be Wednesday when you actually read this but that’s okay. 🙂


It’s almost Halloween!  Happy early Halloween everyone, be sure you make good choices. 😉

Free Glitter Graphics

Remember these?  Oh, the good old Myspace days.  Does anyone even use that site anymore?


Besides dressing up, my favorite part of Halloween is the Reese’s cups.  No combination of processed peanut butter and super-milky chocolate has ever been so delicious and nostalgic. 

Out of all the candy I’ve ever received, PB cups are the only ones I’ve actually eaten myself.  Most have gone to my parents’ office candy bowls or were melted/stirred into cookie recipes.  But NOT the peanut butter cups!

Check out this cool vintage ad I found [from]!  And yes, the frozen ones are really good.

The freezer in the background resembles my freezer after Halloween.  Even though I don’t go trick-or-treating anymore, I still buy PB cups in excess at Target.  Just, you know, in case we run out of candy to give away. (heh, as if…)


I’m actually determined to make my own PB cups this year.  Hold me accountable to that, okay readers?  🙂


What is your favorite Halloween candy?

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