3 Nov

All I want for Christmas…


is to get into college.


It doesn’t seem like too much to ask, does it now?  I’ve been a very good girl. 🙂


And a new digital camera.  So I can stop using my parents’.  It’s so hard to find them online- too many choices!  Here’s what I’d like… do any of you bloggers/tech-savvy people have any suggestions??

1. Point and shoot

2. High quality but not too pricey

3. SD card

4. Cute color


See, that’s not too much to ask, either?  Of course, given the two options I’d definitely prefer the first gift. 😀


So.. what else has happened since my last post?  I made brownies!  This wouldn’t ordinarily be news, but it is.  You know why?  Because I used a boxed mix!

Brownie Classics

I was feeling lazy, the mix was on sale at Target, and I needed to bring brownies for my calculus class.  The stars aligned just right for that box of brownie mix, and the brownies turned out fudgy and good.  Not homemade, but still tasty.

Of course, I subbed in melted butter for oil.

Because butter is better!

I even topped them with orange sprinkles.  Aren’t I just a little Suzy Homemaker?


Halloween… oh yeah, that happened too!

I went to a football game.  No, I didn’t actually watch… who goes to a HS football game to watch the game?

We did win, though!


I handed out candy to little kiddies.  There was this one boy, maybe 8 years old, dressed as a pimp.  Ummm… is he even old enough to know what a pimp is??

Maybe he just likes purple.  Or his parents have an unusual sense of humor.

[ source ]

The model wearing this outfit looks like Danny from The Shining.

Apparently the actor, Danny Lloyd, was picked for the movie because he could concentrate for a long time.  They didn’t tell him it was a horror movie until years after it was made.  That’s a tough secret to keep!


Okay, pop culture tangents aside, the child pimp was by far the strangest costume this year.  At least I didn’t see any Snookis.

[ source ]

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